Monday, September 26, 2005


So it happened, I am sitting in my room in Karlsruhe, the blackboards are empty, the walls are blank. On my desk just a paper and my laptop and the fate to work my ass off to finish this thesis right on time (will it happen?).

My best friend and his wife will drop by on Wednesday for my farewell party. And on Thursday then I will leave Karlsruhe and move home for the next two weeks before work starts in Saarbruecken.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Moving and iTunes

Two things finally happened: I moved my stuff from Karlsruhe back home before finally moving to Saarbruecken in October. And I bought my first song from iTunes!

My dad came by last Saturday and we packet all of my stuff into the van. Man, a lot of stuff. Unfortunatelly I found no shared flat in Saarbruecken so far. I hope I have better luck when I am finally there.

"The Wallflowers - Empire in my mind", a really cool song. My first-time iTunes download and it was really easy. I think I will go on using it from time to time for single downloads when I do not want the whole album (which I still buy as a real physical CD).

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

So much pain

A lot of pain the last days (and more for the next few days at least):

- Finding a good health insurance (lot of work)
- Finding a nice and not too expensive shared flat in Saarbruecken
- Debugging and auditing my C code (pointer hell)
- Working while it is so nice and hot outside (it is also hot inside BTW)

As I might solve the first two problems, the latter two will be with me through the next few weeks. God help me!