Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Can we change?

Global warming has been a hot topic lately (this is an unintended word joke). While the EU started talking with big words what to change (which will surely end in small actions) with especially Germany resisting against strict rules for car companies (my government is again embarrassing, sorry),
New Zealand wants to take the lead in reducing CO2. Thank you! I hope they really do it and that others follow.

It's not about big words, it's the actions that make a difference.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

How different is a Mac?

My exploration of the Mac world goes on and the longer I do this, the less impressed I am.
OK, the hardware is clearly cool designed (while a little overpriced), clear point for the Mac.

But what's about the rest? It's a lot about advertising which is clearly just marketing. Still waiting for the day when virus programmers start conquering the Mac - or Linux - to blast away those "I am a Mac, I am totally secure" (see also this German conclussion of the MOAB). And still waiting for the first bug-free (thus secure) operating system, too.

I recently discovered an old feature which is so popular in the Windows world in OS X: The reboot-after-update feature. I was even more surprised when this happened after a simple quicktime update. At least Windows let you delay the reboot...

Still, MacOS X feels a little weired: it has this BSD foundation but when I finally try to claim my freedom I have trouble finding the config files to edit by hand - e.g. to replace this stupid Mac keyboard layout with the correct one.