Wednesday, December 20, 2006

MacOS X vs me

I just got a brand new Mac Mini, so finally I am going to use MacOS X a bit, at least for multimedia purposes. I kind of like this thing with its remote. However, I was never a fan of quicktime and probably will never be (screws up my DivX videos).

And hey, I am a computer scientist, it took me just an hour to freeze the OS. It was really easy, I mounted a NFS share, umounted it, rebooted. The NFS server was gone, but OS X still tried to connect freezing the whole system (bah, that sucks man!).

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas torture

I am not sure how this is in other countries, but there's a very strange (yet unofficial) German tradition to torture people with the very same christmas songs on radio every year.

And this morning it happened to me again, the first time I heard Wham!'s "Last Christmas" on radio and it is rather sure that they will play it again at least any other day.

While this is a pretty good motivation for me to leave bed and switch off the radio, it feels like torture and lets my day start with an very unpleasant event (I indeed dislike - or even hate - this song).

To show an alternative, I want to recommend Aimee Mann's new christmas album "One more drifter in the snow". If you really need some christmas songs to get into the mood.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Conquering capitals

In my personal challenge to see as many capitals as possible, I added another one to my list just yesterday.

Luxembourg is the European capital of culture 2007 and I went to the opening festival this Saturday which turned out to be a lot of fun - some really gorgeous fireworks and very nice live music.