Thursday, June 28, 2007


5 minutes after I left work today I ended up with a flat tire on my bike. I had to walk home carrying the bike.

While repairing it I found a small puncture, easy to fix. But I still wonder: What caused the puncture? And thinking back: From all the punctures I had so far I can explain only two (one being my brother hitting my tire with a dart ;) ). All the others are total mysteries to me. Are there small dwarfs sabotaging our bikes?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A week without TV

Is TV in any way necessary for your life? My claim was always: No, you do not need TV, but sometimes it is really nice to relax. And after many news shows nowadays also allow you to watch online (like the really great service of Tagesschau in Germany), staying up to date is easy and convenient even without a TV set (and I really have/want to watch a news show).

After a week of ignoring my TV - which was a combination of "I do not have time to watch anyway" or "I just do not switch it on now and do something else with my time" - I came to the conclusion that it is really not that big a deal. Maybe that's also a result of me mostly using the TV as a type of background noise which was now replaced by music, so I was not missing TV at all.

And OK, once in a while I was still watching a video on my computer. Sometimes you need distraction from this world and your life in particular...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Culinary Tour

Well, the kayak trip was rather short, being generous it lasted just one hour. A paddle broke and we were unable to lent another one somewhere. Anyway, we did a pretty good job in still having an awesome trip. Afterwards, i would call it a Culinary Tour.

Instead of "walking on water" we enjoyed nature (including a very nice lake), had very good talks, and awesome food (this includes great wine!). 4 days of vacation that feel like a whole week. I am relaxed and energized, ready to take the excitements of this new week.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Walking on Water

I am really looking forward to a short kayak-trip with my best friend in the south of Germany later this week. It's been a while since we did such a trip, but it was always great and full of joy. It is one of these trips I really love: Having some adventures during the day and ending it with a nice bottle of wine :)